Inside Brad Pitt’s Haunted Los Angeles Mansion: Elvira Spills the Beans

Brad Pitt's former LA mansion sold for $39M is reportedly "incredibly haunted", according to its previous owner, Elvira. Pitt apparently loved it.

Brad Pitt recently sold his $39 million Los Angeles mansion, which according to previous owner, Cassandra Peterson, is “incredibly haunted.” In a new interview, Peterson, also known as Elvira, revealed she sold the home to Pitt in 1994 and warned him about the “weird things” happening in the Hollywood Hills home. Despite multiple paranormal encounters and a priest being called in for an exorcism, Pitt was reportedly excited about the hauntings. He made several renovations to the home and even bought multiple nearby lots to put in amenities like a pool and a skating rink.

Now, Pitt is reportedly relocating to Carmel-by-the-Sea, where he reportedly purchased a $40 million historic castle known as the D.L. James House last year. Hanging over the bluffs in the Carmel Highlands, the sandstone Mediterranean castle was built a century ago by famed architect Charles Greene to resemble Tintagel in Cornwall, England, the medieval fortress where King Arthur was conceived, as legend has it.

Pitt’s move away from Los Angeles isn’t unique, as other actors, including Mark Wahlberg and Katherine Heigl, have also left the city for Nevada and Utah, respectively, citing their families and the desire to raise their children away from the city’s hustle and bustle. As for Pitt, he has yet to publicly address his move from LaLa Land.