IU, come back on May 6th...Collaboration with BTS Suga

IU, come back on May 6th…Collaboration with BTS Suga

Singer IU is making a comeback.

IU will release her digital single on May 6 and release related music and music videos, her agency EDAM Entertainment said on May 27. IU’s new song release comes about six months after her fifth mini-album “Love Poem,” which was released in November.

IU, come back on May 6th...Collaboration with BTS Suga

It is known that IU has finished filming the music video and actively participated in various fields, including composition and lyrics, as well as the overall concept of the single, and is currently working on her final work.

In particular, IU’s new song is known for its collaboration with Suga, a member of the group BTS, drawing attention from music fans around the world. IU will work with Sugar to deliver a different feeling of music to fans than her previous music style.

Based on their consensus as musicians of the same age, the two shared their opinions and incorporated their own synergy into the music, the agency said.

IU, meanwhile, is scheduled to work with actor Park Seo-joon in director Lee Byung-hun’s new film “Dream” and will be cranked in May.

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