Jamie Foxx is back in action after hospital stay, says daughter Corinne

Jamie Foxx's daughter Corinne Foxx announced on Instagram that the actor has been out of the hospital for weeks and even played pickleball recently. Foxx's condition has been kept under wraps since he suffered a "medical complication" last month while filming a Netflix movie with Cameron Diaz. While he and his daughter were recently replaced on "Beat Shazam," Foxx and Corinne have an exciting work announcement coming up next week.

Jamie Foxx is on the road to recovery after a mysterious “medical complication” that landed him in the hospital last month while filming a Netflix movie with Cameron Diaz. While little is known about Foxx’s condition, his daughter Corinne Foxx recently shared on Instagram that her father has been out of the hospital for weeks and is back to his usual activities, including playing pickleball.

In addition to the good news, Corinne teased an exciting work announcement that she and Jamie have coming up next week. The announcement comes after the father-daughter duo were replaced on the FOX show “Beat Shazam” due to Foxx’s medical issue.

Foxx has kept a low profile since his hospitalization, and it’s unclear what hospital he was admitted to. Earlier this week, an unnamed source reportedly told People magazine that Foxx was still in the hospital but was not in a life-threatening situation. Doctors were reportedly conducting more tests to ensure his safe discharge from the hospital.

Foxx’s hospitalization came as a shock to fans, as no details have been released about the nature of his medical complication. Corinne initially revealed her father’s hospitalization in an Instagram post on April 12, which has since been deleted.

While Foxx’s condition remains a mystery, fans are relieved to hear that he’s back on his feet and playing pickleball. We’ll have to wait for the upcoming work announcement to find out what the future holds for the multi-talented actor and his daughter.