Janice Hahn Calls for Accountability in Metro Security Following Assault on A Line Train

Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Supervisor, demands a thorough review of security measures after a woman was attacked on a Metro A Line train in Long Beach.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn has taken a strong stance, demanding a comprehensive examination of security protocols in the wake of a recent assault on a woman aboard a Metro A Line train in Long Beach. The attack, carried out by two unidentified suspects who are currently being sought, has raised concerns about passenger safety and the effectiveness of existing security measures.

Expressing frustration, Hahn emphasized the need for immediate action, stating, “Enough is enough. Our trains need to be safe for our residents.” As chair of the board of supervisors and a Metro director, Hahn has both a vested interest and authority in ensuring the well-being of passengers using public transportation.

The incident in question occurred on a northbound A Line train on Wednesday. Hahn raised questions about the presence and response of various security personnel, including Metro security and the 300 Metro Ambassadors employed to safeguard buses and trains. “Where were they when this woman was beaten up on the Blue Line last week?” asked Hahn. She further stressed the importance of understanding the roles and whereabouts of transit ambassadors, Metro security, and Long Beach Police officers assigned to Metro at the time of the attack.

Janice Hahn also intends to seek clarification from Metro regarding the protocols for passengers requesting the train to stop and whether these procedures were followed during the incident. By seeking a detailed account of the events and security measures in place, Hahn aims to hold responsible parties accountable and ensure a safer environment for all Metro riders.

The Long Beach Police Department issued a statement providing initial details of the incident, confirming that a female adult victim sustained minor injuries during the altercation. The suspects assaulted the victim both physically and by knocking her phone out of her hands before fleeing the scene. The investigation, led by authorities, aims to establish the motive and identities of the attackers.

As concerns about safety on Metro trains persist, the call for a thorough assessment of security protocols and immediate improvements resonates with the community. Janice Hahn’s actions reflect a determination to address these issues promptly, emphasizing the importance of passenger security and the need for effective strategies to prevent such incidents in the future.