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The self-proclaimed ‘chefs of TREASURE’, JIHOON and DOYOUNG, presented a cookbang full of chemistry.

On April 2 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded ‘A 3 Minute TREASURE – Cooking’ through their official blog and TREASURE’s social media accounts. 

In the video, DOYOUNG revealed the recipe of his ‘addictive’ 3-minute toast. He revealed the required ingredients before he began cooking. On JIHOON who commented, ‘I’ve never seen black pepper go in a toast’, DOYOUNG reassured him by bragging, “It’s my unique recipe”.

After the cookbang began, DOYOUNG showed focus on par with professional chefs, and began preparing the ingredients. JIHOON took an attempt on a bread mukbang while it became quiet, presenting laughter for the viewers.

The variety of change between the two members’ chemistry within the short 3-minue period made the episode fun to watch. They smiled whenever they looked at each other and patted each other’s hips in the beginning, but later quarreled over the recipe as the food was almost ready.

Towards DOYOUNG who looked relaxed while cooking, JIHOON looked stuffy and yelled, “Please, this is enough”. However, DOYOUNG continuing with his recipe without being shaken by JIHOON mad the viewers burst into laughter.

After twists and turns, the ‘strawberry toast’ was prepared. JIHOON reviewed, “It’s good, but it’s hard to eat”, while DOYOUNG showed satisfaction and tried to convince him by replying, “You need uncomfortableness if you want it to taste good”. 

While currently on a full-scale debut project, TREASURE is presenting their variety of charms by closely connecting with their fans through various contents including ‘A 3 Minute TREASURE’, ‘TREASURE MAP’, ‘TMI’, and ‘Fact Check’.

Furthermore, TREASURE revealed their profile photo series in addition to their first 12-member performance video of ‘Going Crazy’, the signal song of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, and consecutive cover videos of the members, which gathered the global fans’ attention and expectations.

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