Jimin of BTS, Lovely Nickname ‘Babies’ of the junior group TXT, is the talk of the town

On March 3, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Media said, “BTS Jimin calls TXT a “son” and will melt your heart if you know what he thinks of his juniors,” adding, “Make sure to watch Jimin’s V-l

BTS’ Jimin recently told stories about his dreams and new stories on Naver’s “V LIVE.” Unexpectedly, Jimin was called the junior group TXT.

While continuing his live broadcast by communicating with fans through Naver’s “V LIVE” on Wednesday, Jimin looked around while doing the live broadcast, saying he should write it down in a note while talking about movies recommended by fans.

Then Jimin asked back, “Should I write it down?” and looked around for something useful and found it, but said cutely with a worried look. “By the way, these are for babies,” he said, scouring the ingredients there for something else useful. “I think this is YEONJUN’s. I shouldn’t have used this.” “Babies can’t tear this apart,” he said, “I’ll stop writing and memorize a few things.


It was a scene where I was able to read how much BTS Jimin likes TXT juniors and how much he cares about all the little details of his juniors.

Meanwhile, on March 3, the TXT Fed also gave behind-the-scenes stories on the “Babyya” title through “V LIVE.”

YEONJUN said, “I met Jimin at his studio a lot recently and he was working on it. It’s my studio. I went to get my bag and Jimin said, “I’m sorry. Do I have to write here? He said, “I was practicing the dance!” Jimin often calls us babies.”

After Jimin’s “V LIVE,” TXT juniors said on their SNS that they loved Jimin, who called them “gods.”

Through nicknames such as “Cutie sexy lovely” and “Baby Mochi,” Jimin is the one who exudes the loveliest charm of anyone, but he shows off his seniority who cares for and loves his juniors, adding another lovely charm.

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