JINU Starts Military Service, HOONY Up Next… The Importance of WINNER’s 3rd Full Album

JINU(30) of group WINNER began his military service. It is the reason why we look forward to WINNER’s 3rd full album even more, as we won’t meet the full members of WINNER for a while.

JINU entered the ROK Army Training Center, Nonsan on April 2. Towards the press, JINU revealed his thoughts in short by stating, “I’ll complete my training well and come back”. After 4 weeks of basic military training, JINU will serve as a public service worker.

YG Entertainment informed JINU’s enlistment and revealed, “After the release of WINNER’s 3rd album ‘Remember’ on the 9th, WINNER will have a break on their team activities for a while”.

After hitting the K-Pop scene with multiple hits after they made debut in 2014, WINNER will begin their first break after the release of their upcoming 3rd album. As it is known that HOONY is planning to enlist this year as well, it will not be easy for us to watch WINNER make comeback in full form for a while.

After establishing themselves as the representative group of YG by releasing consecutive hits, WINNER put a lot of effort on their upcoming 3rd album. The album contains 4 special tracks in addition to 8 new tracks, and WINNER’s past 6 years of history as well. The album contains JINU’s solo track in addition to HOONY’s first-ever self-written solo track ‘Serenade’, which grabs the people’s attention.

Prior to their enlistments, JINU and HOONY proved their musical capabilities and raised the album’s level of completion. The agency also put meaning to the album by explaining, “The album will be like a present not only for the members of WINNER, but also for the fans”.

Furthermore, member MINO also participated in writing the lyrics and composing on the title song ‘Remember’ and the pre-release single ‘Hold’, putting in his affections towards the group. YOON also wrote the lyrics for ‘Dduk’, performed by JINU.

Facing their 7th year since making debut, WINNER will be releasing a full album in 2 years since they last released their 2nd album back in April 2018. The enlistment rush in the order of JINU-HOONY-MINO-YOON will make the people reminiscent of WINNER’s group activities in full.

The musical elements and importance of WINNER’s upcoming 3rd album seem to be bigger than ever.

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