KANG DANIEL, idol chart ranking, 109 weeks in a row...Setting a new record

KANG DANIEL, idol chart ranking, 109 weeks in a row…Setting a new record

Singer Kang Daniel has become the biggest scorer for 109 consecutive weeks in the idol chart rating in the third week of April.

Idol Chart Rating Board released its rating ranking for the third week of April, which was tallied until April 23. Kang Daniel won the most votes with 112,607 votes.

Recently, Kang Daniel met with a child Kim Ji-yeon who underwent artificial cochlear surgery under the sponsorship of her fan club “Danity.” At the dedication ceremony, Kang Daniel said, “Thanks to the fans, I’m very happy to be able to deliver sharing and join in something meaningful. April 20 is Disabled People’s Day, and I hope more people will join such sponsorship in the future to convey hope to children with hearing impairments,” he said.

Following Kang Daniel’s footsteps, Jimin (69,249 votes), V (54,664 votes), Song Ga-in (32,793 votes), Jung Kook (33,353 votes), Lim Young-woong (29,883 votes), Jin (16,441 votes), Ha Sung- Woon (17,41 votes), Park Woo-jin (BTS), and Min-Hyun (865,364 votes).

Kang Daniel also topped the list with 13,328 “likes” in “likes,” which can gauge the likes of stars and the size of fandom.

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