Katherine Heigl on Her Move to Utah: A Quest for a Quieter Life

Actress Katherine Heigl says she moved to Utah from LA to raise her children in a safer, less stressful environment where she can be on top of things.

Actress Katherine Heigl has opened up about her decision to leave the bustling city of Los Angeles and move her family to Utah in search of a more tranquil existence. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star, who now lives on a ranch outside of Park City with her musician husband and their three children, told E! News that she didn’t know how to raise her kids in LA and felt that she could be more on top of things that scared her in Utah.

Heigl, who spent two decades in LA working her way up in the entertainment industry, left the city after she left the popular medical drama in 2010. She explained that the move allowed her to decompress and let go of the constant hustle of Hollywood.

In Utah, the family lives with eight dogs, three cats, chickens, goats, and horses. Heigl acknowledges that her career demands often require her to leave her family, but she prioritizes staying in touch with her kids, calling them two to three times a week.

The 43-year-old actress admits that she misses aspects of her former life in LA, but ultimately, Utah provides a better environment for her family to thrive. “Utah is spectacularly beautiful, the people are wonderful and kind, it’s an easy commute from L.A. — and there’s no traffic!” she said.

Heigl’s experience serves as a reminder that finding balance between work and family can be a challenge, but sometimes it requires a change of scenery to achieve that desired equilibrium.