LAPD Officer Loses Finger in Attack by Homeless Man on Red Line Train

A homeless man allegedly bit off a LAPD officer's finger while being escorted off a train in East Hollywood. The officer was hospitalized.

A Los Angeles police officer had his finger bitten off by a man believed to be homeless while patrolling the Metro Red Line train at Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in East Hollywood.

On Thursday, the officer approached a man who was allegedly carrying drug paraphernalia on the train. The LAPD officers escorted the man off the train, but he reportedly became violent and started fighting back. The suspect then allegedly bit the sergeant who was responding to the scene.

The sergeant was taken to the hospital with a missing pinky finger. He was on overtime work while patrolling transit. The suspect was taken into custody, but there’s no update on the condition of the officer’s finger as of Thursday evening.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in dealing with the city’s growing homeless population. Los Angeles has seen a rise in the number of homeless people, with many living on the streets and relying on public transport for their daily needs.

The LAPD has been working to address this issue, but incidents like this serve as a reminder of the dangers faced by officers on a daily basis. The department has called for more resources to be allocated towards addressing the homelessness crisis in the city.

As the investigation into the incident continues, the LAPD urges anyone who witnesses violent behavior on public transport to report it immediately. The safety of both officers and commuters is paramount, and it’s crucial that everyone works together to ensure that everyone stays safe.