Laurel Grove Park Renovations Bring Hope to Valley Glen Residents

The renovation of Laurel Grove Park in Valley Glen has begun in an effort to address the homeless encampments and crime in the area.

City officials have broken ground on the $1.5 million renovation project of Laurel Grove Park in Valley Glen, which had recently become plagued by homeless encampments and rising crime rates. Residents in the area have expressed concern over the past few months regarding crime and fires related to homeless RVs established near the park.

The encampment had also been blamed for reported shootings and suspected drug deals, leading residents to feel unsafe and under siege. The city’s regular cleanups helped, but only temporarily, as some RVs only moved slightly.

The upcoming renovations, which include new trails and playground equipment, lighting and cameras, aim to bring the park back to its former state and alleviate the community’s concerns. Council President Paul Krekorian addressed skepticism about whether the changes would be lasting, stating that it takes sustained, continuous effort to combat homelessness and ensure neighborhood safety.

The Laurel Grove Park renovation project is expected to be completed within the next few months.