Local Leaders Announce New Gun Legislation to Combat Gun Violence

The Prosecutors Alliance, along with local leaders, announced three new gun laws to combat gun violence, including taking guns from those legally prohibited from having them and preventing the sale of surplus firearms. The announcement comes as more shootings are reported across the Los Angeles area, and as the US is setting a record pace for mass killings in 2023. President Joe Biden also signed a gun violence bill last year, toughening background checks and helping states use red flag laws.

Local leaders in Los Angeles, California have announced three new gun laws aimed at reducing gun violence. Assemblymember Mike Fong introduced the bills, which include taking guns from people legally prohibited from owning them and requiring local agencies to provide information in languages other than English during emergency situations.

The announcement comes in the wake of more shootings in the area, including one near the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a car-to-car shooting in Cerritos.

Across the US, 2023 is on pace to set a record for mass killings, with 17 mass killings and 88 deaths in the first 111 days of the year.