Los Angeles community mourns mother killed while walking child to school

Ghada, a mother who was killed in a truck accident while walking her daughter to school in Los Angeles, has been identified. Her daughter remains in critical condition. The driver has not been taken into custody, and authorities believe the accident resulted from a medical emergency. The incident has spurred calls for increased safety measures in school zones, including more speed bumps. A GoFundMe page has raised nearly $17,000 for Ghada's family.

A mother named Ghada was killed while walking her 6-year-old child to school in Los Angeles after being struck by a truck that collided into a building. Ghada died at the scene, while her child remains in critical condition in the ICU.

Police have suggested that the accident may have resulted from a medical emergency. A GoFundMe account set up for the family has raised nearly $17,000, and the Los Angeles Transportation Committee has requested an increase in speed bumps in school zones to prevent similar incidents.