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Ahead of her solo debut, Mamamoo’s Solar unveiled a teaser image for her first single album “SPIT IT OUT.”

At midnight on the 14th, Solar introduced teaser images and intro teaser videos of her debut single “SPIT IT OUT” title track “Spit Out,” heralding an unrivaled concept.

In the photo, Solar catches the eye with her gorgeous beauty like a blooming flower among dancers in purple costumes. Mysterious purple costumes and fresh orange nail tips create an eclectic and colorful atmosphere, offering intensity from the first teaser.

In addition, the intro teaser video released captured the intro part of his solo debut song “SPIT IT OUT.” In the video, Solar showed off her captivating “Fingertip Performance,” featuring details from her fingertips, raising expectations for her new song “Spit out.”

Moreover, since Solar has been showing unconventional and unique styling such as half-and-half fashion from head to toe on the stage and hairstyles using gloves as props, attention is already being paid to what concept she will show through her new song “Spit.”

Solar released her first single album “SPIT IT OUT” on Sunday and is set to make her solo debut. Its upcoming album “SPIT IT OUT” is Solar’s first single album in six years since her debut, and will heat up the music industry in 2020 with honest and imposing charms, as shown by her title track “SPIT IT OUT.”

Solar’s first single album “SPIT IT OUT” will be released for the first time on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on Sunday, and will also be available at offline music stores from Monday.

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