Meet Jim Liaw, the Asian-American Co-Founder of Formula Drift

Jim Liaw, co-founder of Formula Drift and one of the few Asian Americans in a major race series leadership role, shares his journey from a donut shop owner's son to the general manager of Performance Racing Industry. He also reflects on his parents' work ethic and the lessons he learned from them, and encourages the next generation of leaders to put in the time and hard work to achieve their goals.

Jim Liaw, co-founder of Formula Drift, discusses the sport’s growth and future, as well as his own upbringing and career path in a recent interview. Liaw’s parents, Taiwanese immigrants who started several businesses in the US, instilled in him the values of hard work and resourcefulness.

He hopes to see more Asian Americans in leadership roles in motorsports, but remains proud of his own position. Formula Drift, now in its 20th anniversary season, continues to draw fans with its power, precision, speed, and style. Liaw believes there is still room for growth and innovation in the sport.