Met Gala Cockroach Crashes the Red Carpet and Steals the Show

The Met Gala is one of the biggest events in the fashion world, but an unexpected guest stole the limelight this year: a cockroach.

The Met Gala is known for its glamour, extravagance, and celebrity attendees, but this year, an unexpected guest managed to steal the show. As the stars made their way to the red carpet, a cockroach decided to join in on the fun.

The paparazzi quickly turned their attention to the six-legged intruder, snapping photos and cheering it on as it scurried across the red carpet. The Met Gala cockroach became an instant social media sensation, with many fans and viewers taking to Twitter to express their delight at the unexpected party crasher.

One man in the background even ordered a photographer to capture photos of the new celebrity, and Kevin Mazur was able to get some candid shots of the Met Gala cockroach.

Unfortunately, the insect’s reign was short-lived, as someone reportedly stepped on the roach later in the night. Variety posted a tribute on social media, honoring the cockroach’s brief but memorable appearance on the red carpet.

“It is with deep sadness that we must report the #MetGala cockroach was stepped on,” Variety announced on Twitter.

While the Met Gala is known for its stunning fashion and star-studded guest list, this year’s unexpected guest proved that even the most glamorous events can be upstaged by a tiny, six-legged creature.