MONSTA X Minhyuk and Kihyun, special MC of “Weekly Idol” perfectly

MONSTA X Minhyuk and Kihyun appeared as special MCs on “Weekly Idol,” which aired on MBC every1 on the 8th, and have been perfectly reborn with a variety of charms, ranging from perfect hosting skills to “heart attack” idol visuals, helping MC Kwang-hee.

First of all, Min-hyuk showed off his extraordinary agility by reviving his experience as a music show MC, while Ki-hyun showed off his fierce observation based on his appearances and showed off his fantastic teamwork. In particular, he not only asked sharp questions, but also made a strong effort to catch the gap in random play dance with “the hawk’s eyes.” In addition, MONSTA X’s hit song cover stage cheered with a pleased look, and showed a warm senior by expressing his emotion, saying, “It was a perfect cover of facial expressions.”

In addition, one of the main corners, the “Face Masterpiece” demonstration boasted a perfect idol’s beauty. Ki-hyun gained a special nickname for giving off his fatal charm even before the music came out, and Min-hyuk overwhelmed the crowd by showing his cute side with his innocent look. In particular, he also handed down unusual tips, saying, “You have to take out another cute self.”

“It’s been a long time since I was nervous, but I think I was able to do well because everyone made me feel comfortable,” and “I’m nervous, but I’ll appear as a guest next to me when I make a comeback,” the two said, showing off their unique sense of entertainment by combining laughter, visuals and hosting skills, even though it was their first time.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has successfully completed its local activities by finishing fifth on the Billboard main chart “Billboard 200” with its first full-length U.S. album “ALL ABOUT LUV” released earlier this year, and will make a comeback to the local music scene with a new album in May.

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