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Disney finally released the new trailer for Mulan, the live-action remake and fans are going to be crazy over the actions and excellent videography over its fierce image.

Sally impressive with moving clips from the movie. It is the film that will be released in the US and UK on March 27, next year the film, that is starred by Yifei Liu, has the same story plot with its 1998 original counterpart.

It is about a young Chinese woman who disguised herself as a man so she could go and fight in the army as a replacement for her father’s place. Commander Tung is played by Donnie Yen, The Emperor portrayed by Jet Li and Bori Khan is by Jason Scott Lee.

The film is an original and a retailing of the ancient Chinese legend of Hua Mulan and was even noted by its government as “the most recognizable folk heroine in Chinese Culture.”

The trailer starts dramatically with Mulan talking to her father and being told that “Your job is to bring honor to the family”, while she was being dressed elaborately and made up. When the news about Bori Kahn’s invasion arrived in their place, everyone in the family must have a representative to fight against the enemies.

The father of Mulan stepped forward saying, “I am blessed with two daughters. I will fight”.

Mulan was crying and took herself his place. Scenes like practicing on how to use the sword and saying, “Loyal, brave, and true. I have to protect my family.”

And the next scene is her disguised as a man while the men were being trained for the war.

She was then fighting the witch who told her, “When they find out who you are, they will show you no mercy.” The song “Who I Am Inside” plays throughout the trailer and made it more nostalgic for fans watching the trailer.

The orchestra’s music was just fabulous and went well with its scenes.
On Wednesday, the official poster of Mulan was released by Disney, Mulan dressed in red, holding a sword with her hair blown by the wind.

Last July, Disney released an earlier trailer. Mulan was being told to be a good wife, quiet, composed, graceful, and disciplines. But she became the opposite and became a soldier who feared nothing. “it is my duty to fight”.

Many felt a sense of happiness and aired it on social media. Others were excited to watch the movie as this is a rare movie when a woman is a leading actor.

However, there may have been a lot of positive reviews from the trailer, but in Hong Kong, protesters were calling for a boycott. They were against Yifei Liu, who once expressed her objection to the protesters.

“A Mulan who supports state violence and police brutality are not representing the true spirits of this character: brave, assertive and dedicated,” Nathan Law tweeted.

After its release, protesters were editing and making fan art of the Mulan teasers in support of the Hong Kong demonstration.

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