Natty, Before her Official Debut, Release her Creative Choreography...Elegant Dance Lines + Leggings Fashion 'Talk'

Natty, Before her Official Debut, Release her Creative Choreography…Elegant Dance Lines + Leggings Fashion ‘Talk’

Natty debuted on May 7 and choreography video of “Senorita,” which shows her growing dance skills, “Global Response HOT.”

Ahead of her official debut, NATTY drew global fans’ attention with her creative choreography video.

On April 26, Nathi performed creative choreography videos of Camila Cabello and Sean Mendes’ “Senorita” on its official SNS and YouTube channels.

In the released video, Natty boasts a cheerful yet elegant side with leggings fashion featuring soft dance lines.

In particular, this video is her first dance practice video since the opening of the official channel, and her dance skills and visuals, which grew through her own performances, caught the eye.

In addition, she instantly overwhelmed those who saw her with a wave that matched the sensual melody of the song, as well as the rich expressiveness of feeling confident and fascinating dance moves that scattered her long straight hair.

Meanwhile, the NATTY, which fired up the mood for her debut with a surprise release of its creative choreography video, will release her debut single “NINETEEN” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 7 and make her first strong debut in the music industry.

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