NCT 127 wowed over 104 thousand viewers in 129 countries at their - Beyond LIVE concert online

NCT 127 wowed over 104 thousand viewers in 129 countries at their – Beyond LIVE concert online

NCT 127 (SM) has been fully upgraded and attracted global fans with its new concept online-only paid concert “Beyond LIVE”.

Premiered their new song ‘Punch’ with realistic grand stadium AR!
Maximized the benefit of watching at home with ‘multicams’!
Recorded no. 1 on twitter trends worldwide as well as international regions including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France & Russia!

NCT 127 (SM) has been fully upgraded and attracted global fans with its new concept online-only paid concert “Beyond LIVE”.

NCT 127’s ‘NCT 127 – Beyond the Origin’ has been broadcast live all over the world through NAVER V LIVE since 3pm on the 17th.NCT 127’s unique music, extreme performance, dynamic AR effects, and interactive communication are combined. It was a hot response with a highly complete performance.

In particular, this performance is not only for Korea, but also for Japan, Thailand, USA, China, Indonesia, Canada, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Vietnam, Mexico, France, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Netherlands, etc. More than 104,000 viewers from 129 countries around the world enjoyed the performance in real time, and the hashtag ‘# NCT127_BeyondLIVE’ is also worldwide and the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, It has swept the # 1 Twitter real-time trend in Peru and other countries to realize the global power of NCT 127.

On this day, NCT 127 pre-released the new song ‘Punch’ stage announced on May 19th, and took advantage of the gorgeous AR effect to catch the eye with the directing that the new song stage was revealed for the first time at a large stadium, and ‘영웅 (英雄; Kick It)’ ‘On the stage, I showed a thrill by showing a three-dimensional stage with added dynamic AR effect, such as a magnificent LED set as if the music video court set had been moved as it was, and graphics with vividly embodied dragons flying in front of the eyes.

In addition, the ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Baby Don’t Like It’ stages of the tracks using the large jungle gym set made the NCT 127’s sensational performance stand out more. The Cherry Bomb ‘stage, the English version of ‘Regular’ and ‘Highway to Heaven’ for global viewers, and the Japanese version of ‘Chain’ attracted an explosive response from audiences around the world with 13 colorful stages.

In addition, NCT 127 communicates closely with global fans in multiple languages ​​such as Korean, English, Japanese, and Spanish, making it possible to feel like a world-wide group, as well as “영웅 (英雄; Kick It)” according to member Johnny’s DJing. He doubled the excitement with the EDM corner using the remix version, and in the video talk corner, he actively communicated with fans, as well as making a surprise connection with TVXQ!’s U-Know.

In addition, ‘Beyond the Origin’ provides a total of 10 screens from stage full shots to member-specific angles with the ‘Multicam’ function applied to multiple stages, allowing the audience to directly select the desired screen for more vivid performances, individual gestures, and facial expressions. It provided fun to see up close, and the ‘Multi View’ function that allows you to see various screens on one screen, the live video of the performance and the fans’ support rods are linked in real time to change the color and effect of the support rods to match the performance of the NCT 127 And maximized the appeal of watching online performances by giving fans the experience of cheering and enjoying the performances together.

Meanwhile, ‘Beyond LIVE’ is the world’s first online dedicated paid concert that combines cutting-edge technology and performance by realizing the new culture technology (CT) aimed at SM Entertainment in the field of concert, TVXQ! On May 24, SUPER JUNIOR on 31 Express artists will perform.

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