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Idol girl group Oh My Girl has made a comeback with a new mini-album “Nonstop” in eight months. OH MY GIRL’s transformation will capture the hearts of fans.

Oh My Girl held a showcase to mark the release of her seventh mini-album “NONSTOP” on Monday afternoon. OH MY GIRL’s showcase was held online due to the COVID 19 incident.

The OH MY GIRL album contains five songs, including the title track “Nonstop,” “Dolphin,” “Flower Tea,” “NE♡N” and “Krystal.”

Jiho said on the same day, “It hasn’t been so long that I couldn’t believe it. I was worried that I might be shy with the camera,” she said with a smile.

Also, Hyo-jung said about her new album, “You can enjoy it, and the song also contains a variety of songs, including ballads. It also included lively songs like retro,” he said.

Hyojung added, “The title song is a concept that we haven’t done before. It’s a hip yet spring-like song,” she said, introducing his new album.

Also, Vinnie said about her title track “A Little Excited,” “It’s a song that feels excited to an object she had been friends with, and likens that excitement to a board game.”

Its title track “Nonstop” is a song that compares complex emotions that have been fluttered by a friend to a situation in which she fell into a deserted island in a board game.

Seung-hee said, “When I don’t tremble on stage anymore. when one’s nervousness is palpitations I feel like I’ve grown a lot when I can enjoy it like that,” she said.

Regarding this goal, Arin said, “I hope you finish this activity in good health, and I hope you get good results as you work hard.”

OH MY GIRL’s seventh mini album was released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.


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