Ozzy Osbourne’s Health Woes: Sharon Provides an Update

Sharon Osbourne shares the latest on husband Ozzy's health issues after his retirement announcement. From Parkinson's to COVID-19, Ozzy has battled it all, leaving him physically weak.

Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne’s health has been a major concern for his fans since he announced his retirement from touring in February. Now, his wife Sharon Osbourne has shared an update on his health battles in a recent interview with The Sun.

The former “The Talk” host revealed that Ozzy’s health issues have been “torturous” for him, especially since his lungs have always been a weak spot. After contracting COVID-19 on top of his pre-existing ailments, Sharon had to take a break from her television duties to care for her husband.

“It is like one thing leads to another then another,” she said of Ozzy’s medical struggles. “For some reason he is tested all the time. I think, ‘No more, please God. He has passed all the tests, he has survived—please leave him alone.'”

Ozzy’s health issues include Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with in 2003, a “life-altering” surgery, and a fall in 2019 that required neck surgery and left him with nerve damage. He has also undergone stem cell treatments and physical therapy.

Despite all this, the “Black Sabbath” frontman remains determined to keep his music career going. In March, he was announced as one of the headliners for the upcoming Power Trip Festival in California, alongside rock legends like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.

However, Ozzy’s physical weakness has been a major hurdle for him. In addition to his other treatments, he has also undergone hybrid assistive limb treatment, which uses a robotic exoskeleton to help improve movement. While his singing voice remains strong, his physical limitations have made it difficult for him to perform.

Through it all, Ozzy has remained resilient and dedicated to his music. His fans continue to support him and hope for his speedy recovery.