Perilous Plunge at Devil’s Slide: Doctor’s Tire Troubles or Calculated Crime?

A mysterious crash at Devil's Slide leaves investigators questioning if it was a mere accident or a sinister plot.

In a stunning twist of fate, the picturesque cliffs of Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County, California, bear witness to a bewildering tale that leaves investigators grappling with a haunting question: Was it an innocent mishap or a calculated act of malice? Dr. Dharmesh Patel, a respected radiologist from Southern California, stands accused of attempting to take the lives of his own family, but the narrative takes a surprising turn as the doctor points a finger at tire troubles as the catalyst behind the spine-chilling crash.

Court documents from the San Mateo County Superior Court unveil the conflicting accounts surrounding the incident that unfolded on January 2. Patel claims that tire problems plagued his 2021 Tesla Model Y during the ill-fated drive. Faced with low air pressure in his left rear tire, he was compelled to make multiple stops at gas stations along his route from Belmont to Montara to rectify the issue. Patel insists that it was the Tesla’s sensor light that alerted him to the tire’s low pressure, ultimately leading him to veer onto a dirt path alongside Highway 1 to assess the situation. Tragically, the car careened off the cliff, hurtling into the unknown depths below.

However, the narrative presented by Patel’s wife paints a chillingly divergent picture. She claims that her husband intentionally drove their vehicle off the cliff, with their two young children and herself as unwilling passengers, in what she believes was an insidious bid to extinguish their lives. Her allegations stem from concerns about Patel’s mental health, alleging a state of depression and a deliberate intent to end their collective existence.

During the course of the investigation, authorities probed Patel’s emotional well-being, questioning his mental state and inquiring about any suicidal inclinations. In response, Patel denied experiencing depression but acknowledged feeling disheartened by the state of the world, citing global conflicts and the pervasive issue of drug abuse. He maintained that while moments of sadness occasionally engulfed him, he harbored no concrete plans for self-harm.

After meticulous examination, prosecutors reached a startling conclusion: Patel deliberately steered the vehicle over the precipice, fully aware of the potential consequences, as part of a calculated effort to extinguish the lives of his wife and their two innocent children, aged 4 and 7. The heart-stopping plunge sent the Tesla hurtling an astonishing 330 feet downward. Astonishingly, the entire family survived the ordeal, defying all odds.

The aftermath of this harrowing incident finds Patel facing severe legal repercussions. He now stands charged with three counts of attempted murder and domestic violence offenses related to the crash. Yet, the labyrinthine nature of this perplexing tale continues to unfold, as Patel’s wife has since expressed her reluctance to see her husband prosecuted, a revelation disclosed by his defense attorney in February.

The enigmatic episode at Devil’s Slide remains shrouded in ambiguity, leaving investigators and onlookers alike wrestling with a web of emotions, questions, and a lingering sense of unease. As authorities delve deeper into the labyrinth of clues, the truth behind this calamitous event threatens to redefine the boundaries between tragedy and malice. The haunting cliffs of Devil’s Slide bear silent witness, awaiting the revelation of what truly transpired on that fateful day.