Pico Rivera to Impound Cars and Fine Spectators in Crackdown on Street Takeovers

Pico Rivera introduces tough ordinance with $2,000 fine and vehicle confiscation to curb dangerous street takeovers and protect public safety.

The city of Pico Rivera in California is proposing one of the toughest ordinances in the US to crackdown on street takeovers. The proposed ordinance would impose a $2,000 fine on both spectators and participants and allow the city to confiscate vehicles involved in street takeovers.

It would also criminalize being present as a spectator at a street takeover or preparations for one.

The increase in illegal street takeovers that pose risks to drivers and spectators has prompted immediate action. Last month, multiple Compton businesses were hit, and a gas station was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise after a street takeover led to looting.