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A Sonic manager in Oklahoma was hospitalized after being assaulted by customers over a hot dog with jalapeños in a drive-thru dispute.

In an unfortunate incident at a Sonic fast-food restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a manager was viciously attacked following a disagreement over a hot dog order. According to the Tulsa Police, on May 27, a group of four individuals arrived at the drive-thru seeking to purchase jalapeño poppers and a hot dog.

Trouble ensued when the group expressed their dissatisfaction upon receiving a hot dog with jalapeños. One of the group members, identified as Quantaurius Simmons, engaged in a heated argument with the employees. The manager intervened to defuse the situation.

As tensions escalated, Simmons attempted to enter a restricted area of the restaurant, prompting the manager’s intervention to prevent unauthorized access. Disturbingly, Simmons physically assaulted the manager, dragging him outside, repeatedly punching him, and ultimately body-slamming him to the ground. The assault continued with relentless blows.

Adding to the chaos, another member of the group, Andres “Bri” Brisco, joined the altercation, driven by lingering frustration over the order. Brisco threw punches, inadvertently striking Simmons more frequently than the targeted manager.

As a result of the assault, the manager sustained multiple injuries and required hospitalization for treatment.

Law enforcement successfully located the suspects at an apartment complex and subsequently arrested them on charges of aggravated assault and battery. The incident serves as a reminder of the unfortunate consequences that can arise from disputes, even over seemingly minor matters, and the importance of maintaining civility and respect in all interactions.

As the Sonic manager recovers from the traumatic incident, authorities will continue their investigation into the motives behind the violent assault over a hot dog, shedding light on the consequences of such impulsive and aggressive actions.