Remains of Six Women Found in Portland Area Spark Concerns of a Serial Killer

The discovery of six women's remains in and around Portland, Oregon, has raised fears of a potential serial killer, although police deny a connection.

The recovery of the remains of six women in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon, since February has triggered concerns that a serial killer may be operating in the region. The victims have been identified as Kristin Smith, Joanna Speaks, Bridget Webster, Charity Perry, Ashley Real, and an unidentified woman.

All six bodies were found within a 75-mile radius of Portland. However, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has refuted suggestions that these cases are linked. In a statement, the PPB asserted that while they take all deaths seriously and collaborate with relevant agencies, they currently have no reason to believe these six cases are connected.

The disappearance and subsequent death of Charity Perry have prompted her mother, Diana Allen, to raise awareness about her daughter’s case and the other victims. Allen believes that Perry did not end up where her body was found on her own, suggesting that someone intentionally concealed her remains.

Charity Perry, who was homeless and resided in Vancouver, Washington, went missing before her remains were discovered at Ainsworth State Park, 35 miles east of Portland. Similarly, Kristin Smith’s body was found in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood, although the cause and manner of her death remain undetermined.

Ashley Real, last seen at a fast-food restaurant in Portland, was found deceased in Eagle Creek, approximately 25 miles southeast of the city. While Clackamas County authorities are involved in the investigation, her death has not been officially classified as a homicide.

The unidentified woman found near Interstate 205 in Multnomah County remains unknown, and efforts are underway to establish her identity. Described as “possibly Native American” or native Alaskan, she bears distinctive tattoos.

Joanna Speaks, whose remains were discovered at an abandoned barn in Ridgefield, Washington, north of Portland, is being investigated as a homicide by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. The medical examiner determined that Speaks died from blunt head and neck injuries.

Notably, the region had four other Jane Does found in 2022: one in Lowell, Oregon, in May; another in Salem, Oregon, in November; and two in Woodland, Washington, in March and April. Authorities continue to scrutinize these cases as they investigate the recent string of disturbing discoveries in the Portland area.