Ricochet, therapy dog who surfs, dies and leaves heartfelt legacy

Ricochet, the therapy dog who surfed her way into countless hearts, passed away at the age of 15. She helped veterans, kids, and those in need of emotional support.

Ricochet, the Golden Retriever known for her love of surfing and ability to connect with people in need, has passed away in Southern California at the age of 15. Over the course of her 15-year life, she became a beloved figure in the San Diego area, helping countless people as a therapy dog.

Ricochet’s journey as a therapy dog began in 2009 when she hopped on a surfboard with quadriplegic surfer Patrick Ivison, and a video of their ride went viral with more than 6 million views. It was a turning point for Ricochet, and her owner Judy Fridono recalls that “she kept running back to the water with her tail wagging like she could finally tell me, ‘This is what I want to do.'”

For the rest of her life, Ricochet helped those in need, including kids with special needs, wounded service members, and the families of fallen veterans. She worked with organizations like Pawsitive Teams and the Naval Medical Center San Diego to provide emotional support to those experiencing trauma, anxiety, and other challenges.

But Ricochet’s impact didn’t stop there. She also raised over $1 million for charity and helped donate more than 1 million bowls of food to homeless animals. Through her surfing, her therapy work, and her charitable efforts, Ricochet touched countless lives and left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire others.