Riverside police re-arrest ‘snake burglar’ responsible for over 70 burglaries

Christopher Michael Jackson, known as the 'snake burglar,' has been rearrested in Riverside for over 70 commercial burglaries since July 2021. Despite pleading guilty to 23 felonies, he served less than 10 days in jail due to overcrowding. Jackson had seven outstanding felony warrants for prior commercial burglaries at the time of his most recent arrest. Police are urging businesses to take precautions, and Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez called for legislative changes to ensure safety for residents and businesses.

A man known as the “snake burglar” was rearrested after victimizing several businesses in Riverside, California, following a brief stint in jail. Christopher Michael Jackson is said to have committed over 70 commercial burglaries since July 2021.

Jackson’s modus operandi involves removing a windowpane to enter a building and crawling along the floor to avoid motion-activated alarm systems before stealing money from a safe.

Despite being ordered to serve six sentences of 16 months, he spent less than 10 days behind bars due to jail overcrowding. Riverside police are urging local businesses to take caution and have charged Jackson with additional narcotics violations.