Rollingstone, “BTS is a great pop group”

“BTS is a great pop group.”

Rollingstone, a U.S. pop culture magazine, praised BTS for releasing its fourth full-length album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” last month.

“BTS has reached the top of the U.S. music charts without compromising with the traditional way,” Rollingstone said. “It has created a global pop sensation that no one has ever seen and is winning in its own unique way.”

He also wrote about his new album “Map of the Soul:7,” saying, “It’s the best album of all time that shows that BTS is proficient in various genres of music.”

Not only that, but also U.S. entertainment media Variety said, “The new album pays homage to BTS itself,” adding, “Not only does it shine as a solo song, but it also shows collaboration.” He then noted that the title track “ON” shows that the album is both an encouragement to fans and a reverence for his career.

For BTS’ new album, U.S.-specialized review sites also gave the highest rating. Metacritic, a U.S.-based online review site, gave a rating of 83 to Map of the Soul:7 based on a comprehensive evaluation by leading foreign media and various critical media. Metacritic gave the highest grade of “Universal acclaim.”

Metacritic is a professional review site that presents evaluations by experts and critics in various fields of music, film and culture. It will present Metascore, which will give points to reviews on albums, TV programs and movies and apply weighted averages.

Metascore is the highest rating, from universal praise to general favorite reviews, mixed or average reviews, and general review.

In addition, other U.S. review-specialized media such as Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, and AllMusic, a website specializing in music, received favorable reviews.

Consequence of Sound said, “BTS is now the biggest and most interesting singer in the pop music scene. The new album reaffirms their position and wisely looks to the future,” he said. “BTS is now the Beatles of pop history,” Stereogum said. All-Music said, “BTS continues the path of self-discovery and maturity for each album. I didn’t forget the fans who supported them and showed them my musical prowess once again,” he explained.

BTS’ fourth full-length album “Map of the Soul:7,” released on the 21st of last month, is the first Korean singer to win the first place in the U.S. “Billboard 200” for four consecutive albums, as well as the British official chart and the Japanese Oricon chart.

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