Sejeong, ‘Immortal Songs,’ “If I were in between Weki Meki vs. IZ*ONE,” laughs.

Group Weki Meki imagined a showdown with IZ*ONE, a junior member of the “Produce 101” series.

KBS 2TV’s song contest program “Immortal Songs – Singing Legend” aired on the afternoon of the 4th was decorated with legendary Joo Hyun-mi’s special feature, featuring Tae Sa-ja Kim Young-min, musical actors Lee Ji-hoon and Son Joon-ho, Min Woo-hyuk, Hannah, singer Song Ga-in, Jeong Su-yeon, Cho Myeong-seop, Yoo Pacific, Gugudan Se-jung, and the group.

Flying, Weki Meki and IZ*ONE appeared.

On the same day, Weki Meki caught the eye by performing its new song on the spot. It was full of fresh charm. Moon Hee-jun, who saw the stage, said, “I think Ellie must have been embarrassed. I danced right in front of IZ*ONE,” he said, adding, “Because of the large scale, I reenacted Ellie’s close dance with IZ*ONE, which made me laugh.”

Jung Jaehyung then told Doyeon, “I.O.I., Weki Meki and IZ*ONE, who are juniors in the same audition program, are together. If I had to face IZ*ONE, what would it be like?” Doyeon said, “It’s a bit burdensome. I saw you rehearsing and you were so good. So I want to see it again,” she showed off his senior force.

Se-jung, who was watching this from afar, said, “If I’m in here, it’s a fight,” adding to her laughter.

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