Selena Gomez becomes first woman to reach 400 million Instagram followers

Selena Gomez surpasses Kylie Jenner as the most-followed woman on Instagram, hitting 400 million followers, but trails Ronaldo and Messi overall.

Selena Gomez becomes the first woman to hit 400 million followers on Instagram, surpassing Kylie Jenner, with Ronaldo and Messi leading overall.

She celebrated the achievement with a photo montage on her official account, thanking her fans.

Despite her vast following, the singer and actress is still behind soccer stars Ronaldo and Messi, who have 562 million and 442 million followers, respectively.

This milestone comes as Gomez announced her hiatus from social media, calling it “a little silly” and stating that she’s “too old for this” in a TikTok live last month.