Shooting at West Hills Parking Lot Leaves One Dead and Three Injured

One person was killed and three others injured in a shooting at a parking lot in West Hills, Los Angeles. The suspected shooter is in custody and police believe the shooting stemmed from a drug deal gone wrong.

A shooting at the Fallbrook Shopping Center in the West Hills area of Los Angeles on Saturday resulted in one death and three injuries. The suspect, identified as Mark Connole, reportedly met with the victims for unknown reasons before opening fire during an argument.

The LAPD has suggested that the shooting was the result of a drug deal gone wrong and that some of those involved may be gang-affiliated. Following the shooting, the LAPD helicopter witnessed one of the suspects fleeing the scene in a car with a window that had been shot out.

The helicopter followed the suspect, who was then involved in a hit and run crash, before the suspect switched cars and was subsequently apprehended. Connole has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is being held on $2 million bail.

The LAPD is urging anyone with information to contact their Valley Bureau Homicide detectives.