Shooting Incident Unfolds Inside Garden Grove Hot Pot Restaurant

An investigation is underway as two individuals sustain critical gunshot wounds and another sustains minor injuries during an altercation at a local eatery.

A disturbing incident transpired on Saturday, shortly after 11:30 p.m., at The Hot Lounge & Restaurant, commonly known as The Hot Restaurant, located on Magnolia Street in Garden Grove. The local authorities have launched an investigation following reports of two individuals being shot and another person sustaining minor injuries within the premises.

According to officials, the three victims, along with the suspected shooter, were dining at the restaurant when a heated argument escalated into gunfire. Prompt action from fellow customers resulted in the apprehension of the suspect, who was restrained until the arrival of the police.

The two individuals struck by gunshots were immediately rushed to the hospital, where they remain in critical condition. Suffering from upper torso wounds, their medical prognosis remains uncertain. In contrast, the third victim’s injuries, located in the lower torso, are considered less severe, and they are currently in stable condition.

The investigation is still ongoing, and law enforcement authorities are urging anyone with relevant information to reach out to Detective Steve Heine at 714-741-5422 or Garden Grove Police Dispatch at 714-741-5704. Cooperation from the community will play a vital role in bringing clarity to this distressing incident and ensuring justice is served.