SoCalGas Grants: Ease Your Natural Gas Bills with Up to $500 in Assistance

Apply for SoCalGas grants of up to $500 to lighten your natural gas bills. Eligibility details and application process inside!

Attention, SoCalGas customers! We have fantastic news for you. If you find yourself in need of assistance to manage your natural gas bills, now is the perfect time to explore the incredible SoCalGas Grants program. You could receive grants of up to $500 to help ease the financial strain. So don’t wait any longer – let’s dive into the details of this valuable opportunity.

Through the Gas Assistance Fund, SoCalGas is offering income-qualified customers the chance to receive a one-time grant of up to $400 per household. But that’s not all! Eligible applicants aged 55 and above can receive an additional $100, bringing the total potential grant to an impressive $500. This joint effort between SoCalGas and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles is designed to provide crucial support to those who need it most.

The impact of the Gas Assistance Fund has already been substantial. Over $2 million has been distributed to more than 10,000 families, providing relief and peace of mind during challenging times. And the good news continues: Approximately $3 million of the committed $6 million in funding is still available. So, there is ample support ready and waiting for eligible customers like you. SoCalGas is committed to reaching as many individuals and families as possible, ensuring that those in need can access the support they deserve.

Gillian Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at SoCalGas, shared her thoughts on the program’s success and expanded eligibility:

“Through a record $6 million donation to SoCalGas’s Gas Assistance Fund, over 10,000 families have applied and benefited from grants of up to $500 to help pay their gas bills. However, funds remain. To reach more customers who might need assistance with paying their bills, we expanded the eligibility requirements and encourage customers to visit our website to see if they now qualify. In addition to financial aid, we offer valuable resources on energy conservation, assistance programs to manage energy consumption, and make energy-efficient home improvements to help lower customer bills.”

SoCalGas doesn’t stop at financial support alone. Alongside the grants, they provide valuable resources to help customers with energy conservation, energy consumption management programs, and guidance on energy-efficient home improvements. By offering these tools, the company aims to empower individuals to take control of their energy usage and reduce their bills in the long run.

If you’re a SoCalGas customer who could benefit from financial relief for your natural gas bills, this opportunity is not to be missed. Head over to the company’s website to find detailed information about eligibility requirements and the application process. Act now to secure the support you deserve and ensure a more manageable future. SoCalGas and the Gas Assistance Fund are here to assist you, every step of the way. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – apply today and experience the relief of SoCalGas Grants!