Spotify Takes Action Against AI-Generated Music

Spotify has removed AI-generated music made by Boomy from its platform and excluded any streams from royalty calculations as part of its efforts to protect artists.

Spotify has announced that it has removed AI-generated music made by Boomy from its platform. This move comes as part of its ongoing effort to protect the rights of artists. The company has ensured that any streams for this content have been excluded from royalty calculations. Spotify has also made it clear that when it identifies or is alerted to potential cases of stream manipulation, it takes action that may include the removal of streaming numbers and withholding of royalties.

The move by Spotify comes after Universal Music Group emailed streaming services in March, informing them that certain AI services were trained on copyrighted music “without obtaining the required consents” of the owner’s permission, according to the Financial Times. As reported by Forbes, Spotify removed 7% of songs made with Boomy. However, Boomy has stated that it is already resubmitting tracks to the platform.

Boomy has made it clear that it is “categorically against any type of manipulation or artificial streaming, and we are working with industry partners to address this issue.” Boomy further added that “supporting artists and creators who use the Boomy platform is our top priority.” The Financial Times reported that the two companies are in negotiations on reinstating the removed songs.

Spotify’s action against Boomy’s AI-generated music is a reminder of the challenges that streaming services face in ensuring that artists are paid fairly. The streaming service has taken a proactive step to address the issue, which has been welcomed by many in the industry.