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Group DREAMCATCHER has successfully completed its first full-length album ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’.

Dreamcatcher wrapped up its first full-length album title song ‘Scream’ and follow-up song ‘Black or White’ with MBC M ‘Show Champion’, which aired on April 1st.

Since Dreamcatcher is its first full-length album, it has been working on not only title song ‘Scream’ but also follow-up song ‘Black Or White’ and added meaning by perfectly digesting different concepts and expanding contacts with fans.

DREAMCATCHER has solidified its term ‘story & concept master’ through this activity. On the ‘Scream’ stage, he was a mysterious masked dancer and presented a group dance with Dreamcatcher’s first dancer, showing his aspect as a complete idol.

“Black or White” made fans’ eyes and ears happy by wearing suits that had been flooded with requests from fans. Performance also exuded the contrasting charm of glamour and moderation that only Dreamcatcher can show on one stage.

A new world view drawn from a full-length album has also drawn explosive reactions around the world. The music video of Dreamcatcher ‘Scream’ recorded 11.81 million views, and videos of YouTubers who interpreted Dreamcatcher’s worldview from different perspectives also made headlines online.

Not only that, Dreamcatcher has also strengthened online communication and increased intimacy with fans through ‘#Gutbamstagram’ and V-Live, which it delivers to fans every night during its activities.

Dreamcatcher, who has led the narrative with a unique worldview since his debut, has grown up in every activity to satisfy fans’ expectations. Expectations are high for a new story that Dreamcatcher will expand in the future as it has successfully completed its first full-length album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language.”

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