Stray Kids, 'Tower of God' OST hot hit..."Various cover videos

Stray Kids, ‘Tower of God’ OST hot hit…”Various cover videos

OST of ‘Tower of God’, an animation that is sung by Stray Kids, is gaining popularity.

The original ‘Tower of God’ is a representative work of fantasy genre that has been published for more than 10 years since 2010 on Naver Webtoon. It has been translated into 28 languages and received enthusiastic love, including 4.5 billion cumulative views worldwide.

The animation ‘Top of God’ was first released on Naver Series ON on April 1 and is drawing attention as it is not only a grand narrative but also an OST that blends well with it.

Industries are also paying keen attention to Stray Kids, who added opening song ‘TOP’ and ending song ‘SLUMP’.

Stray Kids sang the OST in three languages: Korean, English and Japanese.

In particular, the team’s production group 3RACHA re-verified the unrivaled musicality of the Stray Kids by putting their names on the two song lyrics and composition credits.

Animation fans were enthusiastic about the song, which expressed the world view of the work well, and praised it as a theme song that exceeded expectations.

In addition, various performance cover videos, including drums and pianos, were released in various countries, signaling the start of an unusual craze.

Stray Kids’ outstanding musical capabilities have captivated global fans, further expanding K-pop’s reach.

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