Street Takeover in Compton Leads to Looting and Business Damage

A street takeover in Compton led to looting and damage to several businesses, including a gas station. The local community is calling for action to address street racing and takeovers that can turn deadly.

A street takeover in Compton over the weekend led to looting, with several businesses targeted by perpetrators. A gas station was among those hit, with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that deputies were called to the area overnight Saturday for several street takeovers. Video footage showed a large crowd kicking down the door of the gas station before entering and removing items from the shelves.

A total of six businesses were targeted, including two restaurants, a laundromat, an automotive shop, and two gas station convenience stores. The LASD said that deputies were unable to intervene due to safety concerns, as the looters significantly outnumbered the deputies on the scene.

The businesses were either looted, burglarized, and/or vandalized. Investigators are currently looking into social media posts that may have encouraged the takeover and subsequent looting. No arrests have been made, but those involved could face charges of burglary, shoplifting, and/or looting.

The local community has expressed its anger and frustration at the situation, with some calling for officials to take action to address street racing and takeovers. In some cases, these incidents can turn deadly.

The community has set up a GoFundMe to help cover the medical expenses of a third-grade teacher who was injured in a previous street takeover incident that resulted in the death of her fiancé, a city engineer.