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SM X NAVER Cheers for Global Musicians for their first show ‘Beyond LIVE’!
Interactively communicates with global fans of 109 countries through video chat!
Realistic tigers, grand colosseum & fanlight ocean AR!

‘Beyond LIVE’, the world’s first attempted online-only concert, unveiled SuperM’s (SM) performance for the first time on the 26th and announced the new future of the concert.

SuperM’s ‘SuperM-Beyond the Future’, which was broadcast live through NAVER V Live from 3pm on the 26th (11:00 p.m., LA time in the U.S.), is a performance that combines SuperM’s unique performance, AR technology, and interactive communication. It spread out for 120 minutes, recording over 120 million hearts, and gained an explosive response from global music fans.

The performances include Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Russia, India, Costa Rica, Estonia, Paraguay, Oman, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Cyprus, Bolivia, Armenia, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Belarus, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Morocco, Kuwait, Panama, etc. 75,000 paid viewers from 109 countries around the world enjoyed live performances at home, demonstrating the global power of SuperM.

In addition, considering that the concerts of popular idol groups are usually held at an average of 10,000 people per session, the world’s first online dedicated paid concert ‘Beyond LIVE’ is held by 75,000 people around the world at once. By mobilizing the audience 7.5 times compared to offline, it was expected to grow as a new concert business.

In addition, this performance will not only produce live concerts, music videos, camera broadcasts that cross music broadcasts, etc., but also produce a point of view that looks like an artist performing online, as well as AR synthesis technology that links camera walking with real space. With the introduction of (Live Sync Camera Walking), the stage was set in the background of various spaces realized with real-time 3D graphics, and the artist’s performance was delivered more dynamically and sensibly.

SuperM starts off the future of concerts with world-1st online-only concert

Especially, on the stage of SuperM’s new song ‘Tiger Inside’, which was released for the first time on this day, a tiger embodied with AR appeared vividly, and the title song ‘Jopping’, which decorated the final stage, was also a huge coliseum and cheering wave that overwhelmed the screen. Expressed in AR realistically, led to explosive shouts from fans around the world

Moreover, since the characteristic of ‘Beyond LIVE’ is interactive communication based on technology that transmits voices and cheers of viewers as well as the performance site, SuperM was selected from among 109 viewers from Korea, the United States, China, Thailand, and Thailand. We had video talks with fans from Japan and New Zealand, communicated in various languages, challenged to create a pink heart with a card section, and closely communicated, attracting attention, and seeing Red Velvet IRENE, SEULGI, and JOY amazed I got a hot reaction.

As a result, SM Entertainment will realize the new culture technology (CT) that it has been pursuing in the field of concert, and will showcase the world’s first online dedicated concert combining advanced technology and performance through ‘Beyond LIVE’, leading the online concert content market.

SuperM starts off the future of concerts with world-1st online-only concert

On the other hand, ‘Beyond LIVE’ will be followed by performances of popular singers who are active worldwide, such as the Chinese group WayV on May 3, NCT DREAM on the 10th, and NCT 127 on the 17th.

SM has developed and popularized numerous K-pop stars with huge global fandoms. SM is known for having led the global K-pop phenomenon and the musical side of "Hallyu", also known as the "Korean Wave".



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