Taeyeon, May 4 comeback confirmed...The new song 'Happy'

Taeyeon, May 4 comeback confirmed…The new song ‘Happy’

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s new song ‘Happy’ finally comes to the world.

As a result of the coverage of Ex-Sports News on the 27th, Taeyeon confirmed the release of the new single “Happy (Happy)” on May 4th.

Initially, ‘Happy’ was scheduled to be released on March 9, Taeyeon’s birthday, but Taeyeon was inevitably delayed due to his father’s award.,’Happy’, which was delayed in release, came back to the world in about two months.

‘Happy’ is an R & B pop genre song that reinterprets Old School Duwab and R & B with modern sound.,In the lyrics, it seems to be a special gift for music fans with warm and warm excitement and happiness in the time with the loved one.

Taeyeon has proved his power of ‘belief’ by setting various records such as breaking the record of the top record of Korean female solo album in the iTunes top album chart as well as the first place on the main music chart with the previous 2nd album ‘Purpose’ and repackage album.

As the music charts are posted for each song released and the ‘sound source strongman’ has proved, expectations for Taeyeon’s new song ‘Happy’ are amplified.

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