The girl BTS V admires, Alaina Castillo's new EP will be released!

The girl BTS V admires, Alaina Castillo’s new EP will be released!

Alaina Castillo, ‘a song made to live contentedly in the present’

Last week, BTS member V hosted “TaeTae FM” through Naver V Live, and showed his affection by selecting Alina Castillo’s new song “Just a Boy.”

The highly anticipated EP of fast-growing artist Alina Castillo [The Voicenotes] will be released today on April 27. The album was co-composed and produced by Sam Roman. Lead single “Just a Boy” was released earlier and has already surpassed 2 million streams.

Alaina began her music career as a young church choir in Houston, Texas. Even in middle and high school, she continued her musical activities through various groups. Meanwhile, the fandom was created naturally by posting cover songs directly through Youtube. When the time comes for her career, she decides to move to Los Angeles and make a studio album. Just last year’s EP [Antisocial Butterfly] was released.

Alaina, a native of Houston, Texas, melted her affection for R&B, pop and hip-hop in Latin roots, creating more than 2 million online fans following her, 25 million streams and more than 800,000 YouTube subscribers. Since then, she has been considered a rising star in various media outlets, and last month Alaina has been selected as a Radar artist by Spotify, including Jorja Smith, Lil Baby and King Princess.

As for the new single ‘Pass you by’ released in this album, Alaina said, “It’s a song made with a determination to stop thinking and live content with the present. I made it hoping that people who have difficulties like me would hear it.”

Next month, the Spanish version of the upcoming EP is also scheduled to be released.


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