The Great Peruvian Sneaker Heist: Thieves Steal Only Right-Foot Sneakers

A daring theft in Peru resulted in thieves making off with only right-foot sneakers. The heist was caught on camera, and police are investigating.

Sneaker culture is global, and it seems that even Peru isn’t immune to the lure of a fresh pair of kicks. But a recent sneaker heist in the country had an unusual twist: the thieves only stole right-foot sneakers.

According to a report in Diario Correo, a group of three thieves broke into a shoe store in Huancayo, Peru, in the early hours of April 30th. Security cameras captured footage of the heist, which reportedly took the thieves an hour and multiple attempts to carry out.

Despite making off with around 200 well-known brand sneakers, the thieves only took right-footed pairs. The estimated value of the stolen merchandise is $13,000, even though the left-foot sneakers were left behind. Police are investigating the crime and trying to find both the thieves and the missing sneakers.

The shoe store in question is new to the area, having only been open a few months. Police believe that the stolen sneakers are being hidden, as they cannot be sold as incomplete sets. The heist has become a topic of amusement on social media, but it is no laughing matter for the store and its customers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a sneaker heist has occurred in Peru. Just a few weeks prior, a similar theft was attempted at a shoe store in Ica. However, the National Police of Peru were able to stop the heist and seized six sacks of sneakers valued at up to $9,447.

Sneakerheads around the world will be hoping that the missing right-foot sneakers are recovered and returned to their rightful owners. In the meantime, the sneaker thieves of Huancayo have provided an amusing, albeit puzzling, story for the internet to enjoy.