The Incredible Tale of a Lost iPhone’s Remarkable Comeback from Underwater

A man's iPhone 14 Pro Max survives 33 days underwater and is revived by a stranger, leaving the owner in awe.

Zach Siggelkow thought he’d lost his iPhone for good when it went missing during a kayaking trip off the coast of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Little did he know that his beloved iPhone 14 Pro Max would make a remarkable comeback after spending a month underwater.

When Siggelkow returned to his hometown of St. Anthony Village in Minnesota, he had little hope of ever seeing his phone again. However, fate had other plans. Dr. Karl Brookins, a professor, was scuba diving off the Hawaiian coast when he found the waterlogged phone.

Despite being fully submerged for 33 days, Brookins was amazed to find that the phone still had a full charge. He took it upon himself to revive the device and put it on a charger, adding salt and rice to help draw out the water. After just a week, the phone turned on, leaving Brookins and Siggelkow equally amazed.

Siggelkow couldn’t believe his phone had made a comeback from such a long and arduous journey underwater. He was grateful to Brookins for his kindness and the time he spent reviving the phone.

This remarkable story is a testament to the durability of iPhones and the kindness of strangers. Despite the odds, Siggelkow’s iPhone not only survived but thrived, making a remarkable comeback that will go down in history.