The Ongoing Trial of Danny Masterson: A Verdict Eludes as Deliberations Extend to Fourth Day

Inside the gripping retrial of Danny Masterson, the 'That '70s Show' star, as jurors strive for a decisive verdict.

In the heart of Los Angeles, the much-anticipated retrial of actor Danny Masterson continues to captivate audiences, as jurors remain locked in deliberations for a fourth consecutive day. The former “That ’70s Show” star stands accused of heinous crimes—raping three women at his luxurious Hollywood Hills home between 2001 and 2003. Despite intense scrutiny and painstaking examination, the jury’s verdict remains tantalizingly elusive.

With bated breath, spectators await the pivotal moment when the jury will return to the courtroom at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, resuming their arduous deliberations. This dedicated panel, comprising seven women and five men, received the weighty case last Wednesday, after a mere day of impassioned closing arguments delivered by seasoned attorneys.

Led by Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo, the jury was compelled to reconvene on Friday morning, extending their discussions. During this crucial pause, jurors revisited segments of a poignant, videotaped interview conducted in January 2017. In it, two astute Los Angeles Police Department detectives, along with one of the alleged victims—a former long-term girlfriend of Masterson—shared their harrowing accounts. The jury’s request to review the interview and scrutinize transcripts showcases their meticulous attention to detail.

The atmosphere in the courtroom was palpable as the jury posed a thought-provoking question late Friday morning. The exact nature of their inquiry remains undisclosed until all parties reconvene in front of the judge on an as-yet-unspecified day. The suspense lingers, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this captivating legal drama.

This trial marks the second attempt to find justice in the case against the 47-year-old actor. Last year, the initial jury leaned towards acquittal, with vote tallies of 10-2, 8-4, and 7-5 on the respective charges. Yet, the lack of a unanimous decision led to a mistrial in late November. Prosecutors, resolute in their pursuit of justice, confirmed their intent to retry Masterson, a move supported by the judge who rejected defense pleas to dismiss the charges.

In this courtroom clash of narratives, Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller passionately implored the jury to hold Masterson accountable. Asserting that the actor drugged and raped each of the victims, Mueller painted a chilling picture of the alleged offenses. Conversely, defense attorney Philip Kent Cohen staunchly challenged the credibility of the accusers, questioning the existence of any orchestrated plot against his client. With the Church of Scientology playing a prominent role in the case, both sides sparred over its influence and alleged retaliation against the victims.

Central to the defense’s argument is the lack of forensic evidence supporting the prosecution’s contention that Masterson drugged the victims’ drinks. Cohen skillfully highlighted this crucial absence, raising doubts about the validity of the accusations. Amidst these fervent legal battles, the trial’s narrative continues to unfold, with each side presenting compelling and conflicting accounts.

While the courtroom serves as the epicenter of this legal showdown, the reverberations extend beyond its walls. Masterson, who has been free on bail since his arrest in June 2020, faced professional consequences as Netflix severed ties with the actor following sexual assault allegations. The embattled star expressed disappointment and proclaimed his innocence, vowing to clear his name once and for all.

Parallel to the criminal case, a civil suit filed in August 2019 adds further complexity. The lawsuit, brought forth by the three women involved in the criminal trial, as well as an additional woman not affiliated with the church, alleges stalking and harassment after reporting the actor to the Los Angeles police. The Church of Scientology staunchly denies these claims, vehemently defending their position and confidently asserting their forthcoming vindication.

As the riveting retrial of Danny Masterson unfolds, the courtroom drama enthralls onlookers with its twists and turns. The jury’s prolonged deliberations signify the gravity of their task and the weight of the evidence presented. Ultimately, their verdict will determine the fate of a Hollywood star and shed light on a deeply troubling chapter in the entertainment industry. The world watches, anxiously awaiting the final word in this gripping legal saga.