TOO shows fantastic performance unlike a rookie and shakes hearts of many on 'Music Bank'

TOO shows fantastic performance unlike a rookie and shakes hearts of many on ‘Music Bank’

TOO takes on the stage with refreshing boyishness and sexy charisma on ‘Music Bank’

Group TOO shows experienced stage manners. 

TOO (CHI HOON, DONG GEON, CHAN, JI SU, MIN SU, JAE YUN, J.YOU, KYUNG HO, JEROME, WOONG GI) performed ‘Magnolia,’ the title track of the first mini album <REASON FOR BEING: Benevolence> on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” which aired Monday afternoon.  

They took the stage with a mix of brown and white colored costumes on a TOO black background, drawing attention with their fashionable look. In particular, they drew a heart attacking charm with their classy visuals and colorful diverse gestures. 

TOO then drew attention with a balance between a sharp killer group dance and a delicate performance. Their solid skills that went above the standards of a newbie, enhanced the perfection of the stage. 

Its title track “Magnolia” is a powerful dance song mixed with trap and euro-pop, and is loved for expressing the process of finding the medium, “Magnolia,” a world that transcends time and space, to go back to uTOOpia which disappeared through the medium.

Meanwhile, TOO is actively making their debut with the title track of their first mini album, “Magnolia.

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