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TOO’s debut title track “Magnolia” has been receiving enthusiastic responses from overseas 10s – 20s fans.

With the “#MagnoliaChallenge” currently under way on the global short video app TikTok, TOO’s debut title track “Magnolia” has also captivated the ears of overseas influencers.

Created by inserting TOO’s debut title track “Magnolia” as BGM, the “#Magnolia Challenge” will feature two challenges: a challenge listing my own bucket list after the end of social distancing to prevent the spread of Corona 19 around the world, and a duo dance to match the choreography uploaded on the TOO’s official channel by TOO members.

In particular, interest toward TOO is also rising with a series of participation of the “#Magnolia Challenge” by U.S. influencers who have 2.2 million to 7.4 million followers such as rominagafur, iamjoofic, trinity and Charlie Elise.

TOO, who took their first step in the music industry on the 1st, is a 10-member boy band consisting of CHI HOON, DONG GEON, CHAN, JI SU, MIN SU, JAE YUN, J.YOU, KYUNG HO, JEROME and WOOG GI. Recently, their first mini album <REASON FOR BEING : Benveloence> made it to the top 10 on the iTunes K-pop album chart, and the music video for the title song “Magnolia,” which was pre-released a day before the album release, surpassed 7 million views making TOO a new rising star in the K-pop music industry.

Meanwhile, TOO has been actively making their debut by appearing on various music shows and entertainment programs with “Heart Music” which moves the hearts of fans at home and abroad, and killer group dances, which goes beyond the K-pop standard.

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