Tragic Crash on 10 Freeway Claims Lives of Anaheim Family Members in Riverside County

A devastating crash on the 10 Freeway near Palm Springs resulted in the loss of three Anaheim family members, with several others injured. The incident occurred when two vehicles, a Tesla and a Chevy Suburban, collided, causing the Suburban to lose control and flip.

In a heart-wrenching incident on the 10 Freeway near Palm Springs, three members of an Anaheim family tragically lost their lives when their car overturned in a collision. The Sunday morning crash also left several others injured, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

According to Jason Montez from the California Highway Patrol’s San Gorgonio Pass Office, the accident unfolded around 7:30 a.m. on the I-10 near Haugen Lehmann Way in Riverside County’s scenic Whitewater area. The collision involved two vehicles, a sleek black Tesla and a vibrant red Chevy Suburban, traveling eastbound side by side.

As the two cars were in close proximity, one of them attempted to change lanes, leading to a fateful chain of events. The front left of the Tesla made contact with the back right of the Suburban, causing the Suburban to lose control. The SUV veered towards the center divider, ultimately flipping over, Montez explained, recounting the devastating details.

The severity of the crash was amplified by the fact that a total of five individuals were ejected from the Suburban during the chaos. The first impact with the center divider sent two people flying out of the vehicle, tragically resulting in their immediate loss. As the Suburban continued to roll, three more individuals were ejected from the car. Additionally, one person was partially ejected, further exacerbating the devastating scene.

On Monday, the identities of the three family members who tragically lost their lives were released. Cecilia Villalobos, a 31-year-old Anaheim resident, along with a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl, were identified as the victims of this heartrending incident. In response to this immense loss, a GoFundMe page has been set up to support the grieving family during this challenging time.

Amidst the wreckage, three individuals sustained major injuries, while others suffered minor injuries, according to Montez. In total, ten people were involved in the crash, emphasizing the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded on that fateful morning.

As authorities diligently worked to investigate the incident, three lanes of the 10 Freeway remained closed until approximately 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. The closure served as a somber reminder of the lives forever changed and the community left grappling with the aftermath of this devastating accident.

In the wake of this tragic event, the Anaheim community mourns the loss of these beloved family members and stands in solidarity to support those affected by this profound tragedy.