“Tranq” Horse Tranquilizer Mixed with Fentanyl Becoming More Pervasive in Southern California

Xylazine, a horse tranquilizer known as "tranq," is increasingly being mixed with fentanyl to create a more potent and longer-lasting high. However, it can also cause severe harm such as necrotic or dead skin and affected organs that resemble chemical burns. Narcan, a reversal agent, doesn't work on tranq, making it an even more dangerous trend.

The rise of xylazine, a horse tranquilizer, mixed with fentanyl in Southern California is causing deadly consequences, as Narcan doesn’t work on xylazine.

The combination of these drugs is creating a longer-lasting high, similar to heroin or oxycodone, and is causing patients to show up at the emergency room with necrotic or dead skin, affected organs, and wounds that appear like flesh-eating disease. Experts warn that the trend is disturbing, and there is still a lot to uncover about its consequences.