“Troll 2” Red Velvet, Psy. Is it the syndrome of Frozen?

The movie “Troll: World Tour” is drawing attention as a musical animation that will follow the animation “Coco” and “Frozen.”

“Coco” has drawn explosive word of mouth with music with exotic colors such as the main theme song “Remember ME.”

Frozen II, the sequel to the first 10 million animated film “Frozen II,” also depicted Elsa and Anna’s journey to learn the secrets entangled with magical powers, giving them beautiful visuals of the magical world and addictive music.

“Troll: World Tour” features new troll characters with diverse personalities, as the story goes on in a more expanded worldview than the previous one. 

Trolls expressed in colorful colors and their villages will double the fun of watching, as well as the exciting story of the six different looks and songs’ Exciting Music Battle. Music is also noteworthy. 

Famous musicians such as Justin Timberlake, who is the general music producer following the previous film, Anderson Pack, who won the 2020 Grammy Awards Best R&B Performance Award and the R&B Album Award, pop diva Kelly Clarkson, and legendary rock singer Ozzy Osborne are all coming out and raising expectations for OSTs in the movie. 

From Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” which is played as a K-pop troll character, to Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” which caused a sensational craze in 2012, “Troll: World Tour” also features K-pop representative songs familiar to local audiences, adding to the joy of listening.

“Troll: World Tour” will be released on May 29.

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