Twice Japan's second full-length album Platinum Certification...nine consecutive times

Twice Japan’s second full-length album Platinum Certification…nine consecutive times

Girl group TWICE has written a record of “9 consecutive platinum” as its full-length album released in Japan received Platinum certification over 250,000 shipments.

JYP Entertainment, the agency, said on the 15th that TWICE’s second full-length Japanese album “And TWICE,” released in 2019, has received Platinum certification from the Japan Record Association.

As a result, all nine of TWICE’s albums in Japan have received more than platinum.

Previously, they had their first best album, #TWICE, #TWICE2, single “One More Time,” “Candy Pop,” “Wake Me Up,” “BreakruhZ,” and “FlakeBZ,” the second best album, “

In particular, “Wake Me Up” marked the first double platinum given to cumulative shipments of more than 500,000 copies of female artists’ singles overseas.

The Japan Record Association will certify the album by dividing it into gold (more than 100,000), platinum (more than 250,000), double platinum (more than 500,000), triple platinum (more than 7.5 million), and million (more than 1 million) depending on the accumulated amount of album shipments.

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